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Submission Deadline
April 15, 2022

Notification of Acceptance
About 10 days after submission

Authors' Registration
April 22, 2022

Conference Date
May 29-30, 2022

Call for Papers

ICEPESE2022 welcomes paper submissions on innovative work from researchers in academia, industry and government describing original research work in Energy, Power and Environmental System Engineering. Topics of interest for submission include, topics of interest for submission include:

Energy Engineering
Wind and Solar Energy Technologies
Energy Chemical Engineering
Energy materials
Sustainable energy systems
Non Conventional Energy Resources
Design of energy markets
Clean Energy and Sustainability
Energy and environmental policy
Energy markets and regulation
New Energy Materials and Devices
Development and Management of the Energy Industry
Renewable energy technology application and development

Power Engineering
Power Distribution
Hydroelectric Power
Power System Design
Power Electronics and Power Drives
Power Generation and Sustainable Environment
Power Systems Deregulation
Power System Stability
Transmission and Distribution
Smart Grid Development
Electrical Machines and Transformers
AI Applications in Power Systems
Power Market and Power System Economics

Environmental System Engineering
Atmospheric Environment
Ecological Environment
Marine environment and coastal Management
Environmental data analysis and modelling
Environmental evaluation of renewable energies
Environmental restoration and ecological engineering
Environment and sustainable development
Environmental impact of the energetic conversion systems
Integrated ecosystems management
Emissions of gases which cause greenhouse effect
Global Climate Change
Air pollution and Biomonitoring

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